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I cannot get sick of these gifs or the video. I literally cannot.

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Sorry, but Sansa Stark is secretly the strongest character on ‘Game of Thrones’

Right now, Sansa may not have Arya’s blood-lust, Brienne’s physical power, Cersei’s political acumen or Daenarys’ ambition (or, you know, dragons), but she’s still one of the strongest characters in the series. It’s just that we’re not used to recognizing her strength for what it is.

The female characters we tend to applaud typically adhere to a particular formula for strength, one that breaks the patriarchal mold of how a woman should behave. This can be empowering, but the constant regurgitation of this one type of “strong female character” limits the kind of women we value on screen and dismisses the merits of those who prove themselves in a different way. Male characters aren’t confined by the same standards, and more stereotypically “feminine” traits like patience, kindness and adaptability shouldn’t be seen as inherently lesser than more “masculine” ones like physical strength or the ability to lead an army into battle.

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Anonymous asked: Even if you think Hayley has no responsibility to Klaus don't you think Elijah does?


Let me start off by saying that I really don’t ship either of these things in canon. This isn’t me trying to say that Klayley isn’t a viable ship or that Haylijah is the better option. Truthfully, in headcanon land, I ship Klayley more than I ship Haylijah.

That said, I cannot buy into this whole idea that anyone owes Klaus anything simply because Hayley is pregnant. It’s gross and misogynistic. And I don’t think people who say that they do even realize that it’s misogynistic. Or I’m hoping that they don’t. Even when you spin it that Hayley doesn’t owe Klaus anything but Elijah does, you are still ignoring Hayley as a person and treating her as an incubator. You’re still assigning ownership of her to a man based on her past life choices. 

In ignoring the fact that it was a one night stand, that she has displayed no romantic affection towards Klaus, that she has gone to lengths to remove herself from his circle of power, that he has displayed as many (or more) instances of trying to harm her than being kind to her but still feeling that she is somehow his and therefore off limits to someone, you are reducing her to something less than human with free will or thought of her own. You’ve essentially turned her into something untouchable for having sex. That’s gross.

Even if you say that the weight of it is on Elijah, you’re still doing that. If you look at the way Klaus has behaved, even his small moments of kindness towards Hayley haven’t come across as romantic. His interest is in his child at this point, not in her. There is nothing for Elijah to betray because there is no relationship between Hayley and Klaus to be betrayed. Even if the initial intent is not to say that Hayley is spoiled by her one night stand with Klaus, that is what ends up being said.

Would Klaus flip out? Probably. It’s Klaus, that’s what he does. Would it be because Elijah took interest in someone that Klaus was interested in? No. It’d be because Elijah took interest in someone that he believes belongs to him. And that’s because Klaus boils Hayley down to the same thing people in the fandom that insist that either Hayley or Elijah have any responsibility to Klaus do. He’s essentially a child who hoards his toys and won’t let anyone else touch them even if he has no interest in playing with them. It’s obnoxious when kids do it, but it’s pretty damn gross when grown ups do it with people. And Klaus’ tantrums really shouldn’t be the gauge of whether or not things are okay. Klaus never thinks he’s in the wrong. Just because Klaus says something is a betrayal doesn’t mean it’s actually a betrayal.

Ship Klayley all you want, knock yourself out. There’s no harm in liking a pair because of their similarities or because you think they’d make interesting TV. But don’t base your feelings on the ship or try to discredit other ships by reducing one of the characters down to a single body part that functions without thought because that’s gross.

And unless you live in a hermetically sealed bubble, stop with the “Ew bodily fluids” thing because that’s also gross and continues to imply that Hayley is somehow tainted for having sex. I’m not sure what you’re thinking happens, but I can guarantee you that if Haylijah ever have sex the remnants of her interactions with Klaus will have long been flushed out of her system. 

I try not to comment on fandom things, but this is legit a good takedown of people’s sexist views about male/female relationships, especially romantic ones.

Everything said here can apply to real life relationships as well. Thank you.

On Asian "accents"



It started when I was in kindergarten, and I was so proud I did not have to go to Bingo class, unlike my friends, because I could speak good English -

although I had no idea what a yellow dog that could spell had anything to do with Chinese.

(I figure out now…

Always “the other.” Remember that the next time someone compliments your “lack of an accent.”



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Anne Hathaway and ScarJo are known for calling out sexist interviewers. <3



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Anne Hathaway and ScarJo are known for calling out sexist interviewers. <3

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Ellen Page arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Fucking hell

Ellen looking FLY.

mm mm mm

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If I hear one more bogus health fad described as “ancient [insert Asian culture here] tradition/secret,” I’m going to blow a motherfucking gasket.

Shocking secret, dipwads: enough legitimate cultural developments and technologies have been appropriated from non-European societies that won’t ever get properly recognized. So don’t try to pin your bullshit on us.

Flash Fiction for the Soul: #1

Letters from Sài Gòn: Áo Dài Học Sinh

After school, in the early summer, we would roam the city streets. The royal poinciana trees that line the sidewalks have begun to flower, lining the ground with a lush, red carpet of petals. Carelessly trampled by feet and wheels.

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It&#8217;s that time of the year again!

It’s that time of the year again!

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an asian woman has never won the oscar for best leading actress 

the last and only time an asian woman was nominated for an oscar for best leading actress was 79 years ago (and she was white-passing and concealed her race) 

just let that sink in 

You know when people are so blind to privilege that they go out of their way to explain how a history of racial exclusion has nothing to do with race/racism? Thanks to some of the people reblogging this with commentary, you can now see that in action.

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